Zion Prayer House - Nandyal


Ministry in Nandyal is unique.  It is run by Dr. K. Hepsiba, Professor.  The ministry was started by a bank officer brother Jaya Surya Raj but developed by Hepsiba.  When brother Raj left due to his job, he left the ministry under the supervision of Dr. Hepsiba.  Brother Raju owns the building.  He wants Hepsiba to purchase the building.  Hepsiba can not afford to purchase the building.  Hepsiba's son preaches in the church.  His name is Koppera Joel 34 years of age.  His mother supports him and maintains the facility.  She also supports evangelists to spread the word of God in the region of Nandyal.  She travels every week to the neighboring  villages to conduct women's meeting.  Hepsiba is the daughter of K. P. Andrews, Proddatur.  The heart for God runs in the family. Update: Brother Surya Raj went to be with the Lord. His wife sold the building to Hindus. They demolished the building. Church services now meet on the top of Hepsiba's roof transformed into a meeting hall.

Sunday Worship:  Koppera Joel preaches and teaches about one hundred believers.  Conducts prayer meetings on Sunday night.  Joel also plays drums.  Visits neighboring villages once a week to preach the gospel. 

Thursday Bible Study:  Joel conducts bible study

Youth Ministry:  Joel leads the youth ministry about 70 college students attend.

Women's Ministry: Hepsiba leads in Nandyal once a week and also travels to neighboring villages once a week and invited to speak at conferences all around India. She also is a guest speaker in many cites in Andhra Pradish.


Dr. Hepsiba is the president of SPHERE organization and director of RED CROSS SOCIETY Nandyal. SPHERE is a non profit organization registered with Andhra state government.  State government recognizes SPHERE and helps with partial funding.  Dr. Hepsiba needs financial help.  Her work is recognized by the state and local government. She is a believer, called on to serve the Lord.  She works among Hindus and Muslims. She is a great witness and a servant of the Lord.

SPHERE Provides the following:

1.  Education - Establishing higher institutions of learning
2.  Awareness and prevention - Promoting health and supporting activities such as HIV/AIDS awareness
3. Boarding homes for college students with financial needs for men and women.
4.  Helps build civil societies - Provide counseling, women's rights, and legal counseling
5. Homes for  orphans, elderly, mentally retarded and blind.
6. Vocational training.
7. Environmental protection activities
8. Drinking water facilities
9. Disaster relief
10. Raising free Blood donations for the poor patients.
11. Medical help.
12.  Coalition with International and Indian Red Cross Society.

Needs of the Ministry

1. Funds to purchase the property and build on to and remodel the church to have a Bible College.
2. Jeep
3. Monthly help to support the homes for college students, elderly, blind and mentally retarded.

Zion Prayer House Pictures

 1. Appreciation of Hon. Sri. Ranga Rajan (Andhra Pradesh State Governor) and his wife 2. Hari Priya Ranga Rajan to the president so Sphere Dr. K. Hepsiba, for raising free blood donation to the Red Cross Society, Nandyal Branch. 

 Distributing food packets to the flood victims. 

 Free medical camp conducted in a school of remote and slum area. 

 Door to door campaign in remote villages on HIV/AIDS, Hygiene, and Family Planning.

  104 Students of different colleges from poor & Backward families sheltered by Sphere raising hands of determination against HIV/AIDS and Environmental Pollution.  This poor students Home is recognized and registered in A.P. India.

 Distribution of clothes to the fire victims in Nandamurigar 5 Km from Nandyal. 

 SPHERE's youth team clearing the drainage as part of Environmental Protection and Protesting the use of Plastic and Polyurethane bags. 

 1. Dr. Hepsiba, SPHERE conducting Programs on environmental Protection sponsored by central Government of India. 

 2. Assistant Judge, Nandyal Court is speaking in Environmental awareness in a village. 

 3. Nandyal Revenue Officer Khaja Mohiddin giving a speech to the women in a slum and backward area on legal awareness and women's rights.  District Judge Mr. Rajgopal Reddy, Civil Judge Mr. Vinaya Kumar and other Judges Sri Ramesh, Mr. Dattathreya attended the meeting.  Mr. Khaja Mohiddin is the present Secretary of Higher Education Minister. 

 SPHERE Secretary and President distributing gifts to the poor children organized a rural Church 

 SPHERE participation in one of the Developmental activities of the Tribal Children 

 Free Blood Donation Camp for HIV/AIDS Patients.  This Camp was conducted with the coalition of Indian Red Cross Society (International) Nandyal Branch. 

 Some of 104 hostel (boarding home for the college students) students maintained by SPHERE Non Governmental Organization participated in a disaster relief activity. 

 Door to door evangelism. 

 Our teams on the way to different towns to spread the gospel. 

 College Students from the hostel maintained by SPHERE after their baptismal.

 The old Church Building, Zion Prayer House.  The vision of Church is to raise 1000 Prayer Warriors/Sponsors through out the world to establish a Christian Hostel (Boarding home for college students both men and women) for 1000 poor students who would not otherwise have an opportunity to get an education.  We only need 1000 rupees per student which is about $30 per student for one whole year.  This building was demolished by Hindus but the Lord's work goes on. Church services now meet on the top of Hepsiba's roof transformed into a meeting hall.