Grace Gospel Hall - Proddatur

Mr. K. P. Andrews and Mr. & Mrs. K. P. S. Samuel


Founder K. P. Andrews. Brethren Assemblies in Andhra Pradesh were founded by Brother K. P. Agrippa in the late 1920s. Each assembly is an independent church. The assembly in Proddatur made up of believers that are farm laborers, house-keepers, with minimal or no education. They can not support their full time pastor K. P. S. Samuel. The pastor and his family are supported mainly by K. P. Andrew’s retirement wages and with a little help from Fayetteville Bible Chapel and Voice of Calvary Fellowship. Brother Andrews is eighty three years old and in frail health. Brother Andrew’s retirement salary will not be forwarded to Brother Samuel after his death. So please pray for the Lord to provide. Brother Andrews also helps seven other evangelists and needs of the villagers under the name of the ministries called Bethesda Integrated Service Society. Brother Andrews went to be with the Lord on 13 September 2005.




Seven evangelists travel to Tribal villages three to four times a week to preach the gospel.  They get together, pray and pair up two to a village.  They travel by bicycles, motor cycle, and on foot.  Bicycles and motor cycle were provided twenty years ago by Brother D. L. Govan, Voice of Calvary Fellowship, Jackson Mississippi. They preach in the late evenings when the farm workers come home. There is no adequate public transportation to these areas.  Traveling to these villages is very dangerous. There are no proper roads to travel. Brother Samuel was in an accident with his motorcycle.  Although his face was seriously injured, by God’s grace he was able to carry the other person that caused accident to the hospital.   There are no hotels or space for them to stay so they must return to their homes daily.  There are no restaurants or any other stores to buy food, therefore they have to take their own food and water with them.  The cost of food, maintenance of the vehicles and gas was provided by Brother Andrews. Now K.P.S. sons and few others members help support the ministry as they can.

Sunday Worship–

Every Sunday bus fare is provided to attend worship services and lunch for approximately ninty or more men, women, and children.

Women’s Bible Study–

Once a week women gather together to study the word.  Many of them can not read.  In future, if Lord willing, would like to provide them with a cassette player and tapes of the Bible to each family.  


Once a week Brother and Sister Samuel travel to homes and prays with each family. 

Other Services-

Brother Samuel performs Baptisms, baby dedications, weddings, house dedications and other services as needed free of charge.  


We provide clothing and relief during national disasters such as floods. 

Doctor Visitation–

Once a month Brother Andrews arranges a doctor to travel with us to the tribal areas for physical check up, provide necessary treatment for minor illnesses and vaccinations.  This service is free of cost to the tribal people but the church will pay the doctor’s fee.

Future Plans-

            1. Add accommodations to the  Church for the evangelist traveling or visiting.
            2. Establish schools
            3. Bore wells (Clean drinking water)
            4. Toilet facilities (use nature for bathroom)
            5. Self-help projects such as growing vegetables, raising chickens, goats etc.
            6. Provide electric fans
            7. Jeep to travel for the tribal ministry
            8. Boarding Home for College Students with financial needs 

Prayer Needs

            1.  Pray for the evangelists as they travel to hostile and tribal areas
            2.  Pray for the doctors who are Hindus
            3.  Pray for the funding of the pastor and evangelists
            4.  Pray for our future plans to spread the Gospel and see it grow